Todd Campbell

"...I also like the shorter pieces - 'Straight to Air' and the solo piano of 'Pill' or solo drums of 'My Eyelashes...' You have clearly retained the love of making music, and found a niche in which you can make it..."

Bill Bruford, Ph.D., drumming legend

"Todd’s prolific and complex contributions on drums, cymbals and percussion lend depth and resonance to his incredible array of electronic applications, creating uncharted forays into sonic alchemy that probably surprised their creator as much as the listener.”

-John Collinge, Progression Magazine

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Pathology, 2011

"Pathology" represented a turning point for me. It's easy to fall into a "rut" and start to generate material that one is comfortable with, while involving established, well-worn workflows. I tried to blow up all of my established workflows and techniques with this record, all the way down to eq and dynamic control. Michael "Atonal" Vick makes an appearance on this record, as well as the disembodied voice of Terrance McKenna.