Todd Campbell

"...I also like the shorter pieces - 'Straight to Air' and the solo piano of 'Pill' or solo drums of 'My Eyelashes...' You have clearly retained the love of making music, and found a niche in which you can make it..."

Bill Bruford, Ph.D., drumming legend

"Todd’s prolific and complex contributions on drums, cymbals and percussion lend depth and resonance to his incredible array of electronic applications, creating uncharted forays into sonic alchemy that probably surprised their creator as much as the listener.”

-John Collinge, Progression Magazine

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Party Lines, 2016

"Party Lines" is a record that features more vocal elements than all of my previous solo efforts combined. Many of the vocals were recorded from a Casio CK-500 "groovebox," which is a curious gizmo consisting of 2 tape decks, an AM/FM radio, and a keyboard. The audio from the CK-500 was often modulated with various Korg Kaoss pads, which then fed an Eventide H3000B harmonizer. Many drum tracks were recorded after the vocals were printed, giving me an opportunity to better match the vocal rhythms (such as they were) with appropriate rhythmic support on the drums. This record also features many analog synths including 3 Mother 32 semi-modulars, MicroMoog, MeeBlip, Cube, and MS-20, all driven by a Korg SQ-1 step sequencer, receiving its timing clock from CV derived from the trigger inputs of the live drums (particularly bass and snare drums). What? Well.